How Congress, SBA can help close the small-business gender gap

How Congress, SBA can help close the small-business gender gap
Here are a few of their ideas. _ Barbara Corcoran, founder of the Corcoran Group in New York and shark investor on ABC's "Shark Tank," said too few entrepreneurs are aware of the resources offered by the Small Business Administration (SBA). She thinks …
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Chamber's economic vision for Malta
Supported by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country, the document brims with ideas which, if taken up, could help propel Malta forward in its attempts to bring about a higher living standard and improved quality of life, a goal that …
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Connecticut, Northeast Utilities get good marks in energy reports
… an Oregon research and advisory firm serving the environmental technology sector, and Ceres, a nonprofit working to mobilize businesses to preserve natural resources. The report analyzed 2012 data from about a dozen federal state and industry …
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Non phone work at home jobs that pays $13-$15 per hour

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Make Money Online - Fast Way To Making Money Online - Work From Home And Earn Online [ Real Money ]

Money Making System 2014 Join Us Here Start you online money making journey by today, Set your goals achieve them with in short…

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Home Based Business Opportunities | Home Based Business Opportunities – 100% Free

CLICK THE LINK BELOW Home Based Business Opportunities – Home Based Business Opportunities – You’re looki…

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Small Business Opportunities for Women & Men

Small Business Opportunities for Women & Men

Your long cherished dream to be a successful business owner is just a mouse click away for … and business opportunities (franchisors) at www.franchiseindia…

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SCOTUS Patent Ruling Has Profound Implications for Big Data: Professor Daryl Lim at Chicagos John Marshall Law School

(PRWEB) July 09, 2014

An inventive idea with tangible effects deserves a patent, but an attempt to patent abstract business ideas doesnt meet those standards, the U.S. Supreme Court recently decided in Alice Corporation v. CLS Bank International (Docket #13-298).

In its ruling, the court stressed the need to preserve a patent-free zone did not want patent owners monopolizing basic tools for scientific and technological work,, according to Professor Daryl Lim of The John Marshall Law School. The case has profound implications for the financial services sectors, and those involved in the collection and analysis of Big Data, including social media services, cloud computing and wearable technology, Lim added.

Einstein couldnt patent his theory of relativity simply by saying a computer would do the calculations, Lim added. The idea must improve the way a specific type of computer function, and that connection must not have been well-understood, routine or conventional, but rather achieve a result that was not obtainable before.

Alice Corp. argued it held the rights to a computer program used to guarantee payments for financial trades settled by holding funds in escrow. Alice Corp. argued that its computer software protecting these payments was first patented in 1992. However, developer Ian Shepherd failed to produce the computer source codes or how the computer would work for these escrow payments. Despite these shortcomings, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office gave Alice Corp. three subsequent patents for its process.

The corporation never used the patented system in any business. Consequently, the company has been dubbed a patent troll.

When Alice Corp. learned CLS Bank was using a similar technology, it argued patent infringement. CLS Bank claimed it developed its own computer system for the trillions of dollars transferred through its banking network. In 2007, CLS Bank sued Alice Corp., charging its patents were unenforceable. Lower courts agreed with CLS Bank, but Alice Corp. countersued.

The United States Supreme Court struck down the patent claims by Alice Corp. Writing for the court, Justice Clarence Thomas said Shepherds patent filings amounted to nothing significantly more than an instruction to apply the abstract idea of intermediated settlement using some unspecified, generic computer.

The court also found ineligible Alice Corp.s other patent claims to a computer system carrying out those instructions and components for the computer codes for substantially the same reasons, Lim said.

The courts focus on a tangible effect was clearly an attempt to raise the bar on software patents which form the bulk of the litigation currently clogging up the courts, Lim said. But it also knew from the briefs filed that many software and Internet companies need these types of patents to get funding. For these companies, having those patents is an existential issue.

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The 'boomerang generation': Many millennials are finding that they can go home

The 'boomerang generation': Many millennials are finding that they can go home
In boomeranging back to his childhood home, Groff is far from alone. Thirty-six percent of this nation's young adults ages 18 to 31 were living in their parents' homes in 2012, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.
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Boulder building permits: July 28, 2014
Main level to include 235- square-foot remodel for playroom, bedroom and laundry; addition of 192 square feet for new mudroom and entry, 64 square feet for unconditioned storage. Upper level to include 796-square-foot remodel for kitchen … Inc.; This …
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Innovation keeps industry ahead of the game
Now, interaction and data processing for the games can be run on a cloud server. That means we can enjoy the fun of online games via television sets. At the same time, movie and music can be integrated. This will drive the development of the home …
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Driver shortage leaves P&B riders stranded

Driver shortage leaves P&B riders stranded
"The customers are right, the service has been extremely poor and I'm working on it," Anzuoni said. He said many of the 40 full-time drivers are older and this is a second career for them. So illness and retirements are more common than at other jobs.
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Experts weigh in on safety of area pipelines
Are you a Nelson County resident who has professional experience working on or with natural gas pipelines? The Nelson County Times would like to ….. He held many jobs and started several businesses in his lifetime including working in tobacco for …
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The latest live news, sport, traffic, weather and comment from Wales
Community policing has disappeared "in all but name" in some areas as stretched teams are asked to cover the work of more than 9,000 axed colleagues, Labour will say. Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper will use analysis of police recruitment figures …
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Hong Kong Crosses Planet in Quest for Rugby World Cup Place

Hong Kong Crosses Planet in Quest for Rugby World Cup Place
The training sessions after work and on weekends had taken their toll, even for a Welshman hard-wired to love rugby. He needed … He will likely start on the bench but is likely to get some game-time in Montevideo given the strength of the home team's …
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Boko Haram Blamed in New Capture
Roughly 30 men brandishing guns burst into the home of Vice Prime Minister Ali Amadou in the far northern town of Kolofata on Sunday morning, said a colonel with the Cameroonian army on the scene. They killed three soldiers, and two civilians, before …
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Plagiarism incidents cheat students
But in teaching students the importance of citing other people's work, educators increasingly face another awkward challenge: a steady drumbeat of recent plagiarism incidents among adults, including two superintendents of Massachusetts school systems …
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Work from home as an online moderator New Corp is hiring, click here to apply To apply for Covergys, click here https://co…
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